Find out how technology is transforming the casual dining sector.

In the hospitality industry many IT managers are faced with an inherited hotchpotch of ageing and unconnected systems. This spaghetti soup of IT not only makes it difficult to keep the lights on; many businesses are missing out on some truly delicious data as well.

Making the Link: a review of the emerging IT market for the restaurant industry

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The Big Data Restaurant: how technology can improve customer insight and operational efficiency [SlideShare]

June 30 2016, by David Charlton

Big data is big news for anyone working in IT, and a real opportunity for pub and restaurant businesses to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

But before IT managers can harness their data and help operations and marketing to put it to good use, there are some real challenges to overcome. Right across the industry, technology has often evolved - or even morphed - over time into a “spaghetti soup” of disparate systems that were never designed to talk to each other.

In other words, pub and restaurant businesses may hold wonderful servings of data but it’s invariably siloed or fragmented across the organisation.

With this week’s slideshare presentation, take a moment to explore the issues further.

On the menu today:

  • Six reasons why data means power
  • A ten course tasting meal to help you avoid potential data pitfalls
  • A smorgasbord of reasons why better IT could transform your casual dining business

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