Discover why integration is key to improved performance.

Disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other will only get you so far in the hospitality industry. Learn how integrated systems allow you to unlock powerful data around customer insights and behaviour, helping you to incentivise repeat customers and grow your business.

liveRES - Choices, choices: How the right tech can smooth your operations and boost your profits

Food for Thought

New ideas and advice to help you improve the operation, turnover, and connectivity of your dining sites.

Quick and convenient: Attitudes and behaviours towards online table bookings [Infographic]

Online restaurant table booking software is growing in popularity, but with whom, on what platform and why? Find out in this analysis of consumer behaviour and attitudes.

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Brand in the Cloud: why restaurant marketers need to protect their online reservations identity

Avoid getting lost in the din, and make sure your brand shines through!

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Mobile Diners: get your mobile marketing strategy right for your customers on the go

5 crucial components of mobile marketing success, plus a sixth to put you ahead of the curve

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Behavioural Insight: The power of data driven marketing for restaurants and pubs

How to use insights into customer behaviour and preferences to boost your marketing strategy

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7 Sobering Stats on No-Shows in Pubs and Restaurants

Dreaded no-shows aren’t just inconvenient. They can be fatal, leaving British restaurants and pubs severely out of pocket. These figures show how serious the issue is, and what steps the industry is now taking to tackle it.

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Table Manners: 6 ways your restaurant booking system can improve yield management

Are your tables pulling their weight? Find out how a restaurant booking system can turbo-charge your tables, boost efficiency and get more covers.

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