Find out how technology is transforming the casual dining sector.

In the hospitality industry many IT managers are faced with an inherited hotchpotch of ageing and unconnected systems. This spaghetti soup of IT not only makes it difficult to keep the lights on; many businesses are missing out on some truly delicious data as well.

Making the Link: a review of the emerging IT market for the restaurant industry

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New ideas and advice to help you improve the operation, turnover, and connectivity of your dining sites.

The Big Data Restaurant: how technology can improve customer insight and operational efficiency [SlideShare]

Big data is big news for anyone working in IT, and a real opportunity for pub and restaurant businesses to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

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On the Ground or in the Cloud? How restaurant businesses are transforming their IT infrastructure

In the pub and restaurant casual dining industry, trends don’t just affect what’s on your customers’ plates. They can affect every aspect of the business, often in very positive ways.

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Silo Culture: data and operational implications of fragmented IT

Technology is increasingly making the difference between surviving businesses and the ones that thrive.

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Social Engagement: how restaurant marketers are finding new ways to connect with customers [SlideShare]

From social media to mobile payments, leading restaurant businesses are now employing innovative marketing approaches to reach out to their audiences. Take a look at our slideshare presentation to learn more.

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Quick and convenient: Attitudes and behaviours towards online table bookings [Infographic]

Online restaurant table booking software is growing in popularity, but with whom, on what platform and why? Find out in this analysis of consumer behaviour and attitudes.

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Brand in the Cloud: why restaurant marketers need to protect their online reservations identity

Avoid getting lost in the din, and make sure your brand shines through!

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