Discover why integration is key to improved performance.

Disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other will only get you so far in the hospitality industry. Learn how integrated systems allow you to unlock powerful data around customer insights and behaviour, helping you to incentivise repeat customers and grow your business.

liveRES - Choices, choices: How the right tech can smooth your operations and boost your profits

Food for Thought

New ideas and advice to help you improve the operation, turnover, and connectivity of your dining sites.

Clock Watch: the four stages of a successful restaurant IT roll-out

Some pub and restaurant businesses need to roll out new technology at a rapid pace.

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Seven Snakes in the Grass: Common Reasons Why Restaurant IT Projects Don’t Deliver

Burst budgets, trashed timelines, punctured projects… without careful forward-planning there’s plenty that can come back to bite you.

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Mission Control: Assembling Your New Restaurant Technology Team

Why successful projects rely on team effort that can add detail to the bigger picture

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12 Questions to Ask about New Technology in the Restaurant Industry

What to consider when you're evaluating platforms - and the key questions your provider must answer

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Technology in the Restaurant Industry: How Casual Dining Businesses Integrate New IT

There are many reasons why pub and restaurant businesses are taking a long, hard look at their existing technology platforms. Over the next 12-weeks we are going to explore the issues and look at best practice when integrating new IT systems. Read on for our first installment, then sign up below for your weekly updates.

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Pub and Restaurant IT is Finally Catching Up: Are You?

Customers don’t just appreciate technology - they expect it.

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