Find out how technology is transforming the casual dining sector.

In the hospitality industry many IT managers are faced with an inherited hotchpotch of ageing and unconnected systems. This spaghetti soup of IT not only makes it difficult to keep the lights on; many businesses are missing out on some truly delicious data as well.

Making the Link: a review of the emerging IT market for the restaurant industry

Food for Thought

New ideas and advice to help you improve the operation, turnover, and connectivity of your dining sites.

Technology in the Restaurant Industry: How Casual Dining Businesses Integrate New IT

There are many reasons why pub and restaurant businesses are taking a long, hard look at their existing technology platforms. Over the next 12-weeks we are going to explore the issues and look at best practice when integrating new IT systems. Read on for our first installment, then sign up below for your weekly updates.

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Pub and Restaurant IT is Finally Catching Up: Are You?

Customers don’t just appreciate technology - they expect it.

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IT: the most important ingredient [SlideShare]

Many businesses in the hospitality industry still rely on IT systems that are starting to look distinctly unfit-for-purpose.

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The Bottom Line: how restaurants and pubs can achieve new marketing insight [SlideShare]

Leading pub and restaurant businesses are using technology to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour, with rock solid data boosting their marketing strategies.

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Issue One: Summer 2016

The pub and restaurant industry is gearing up for a new, inter-connected future and nowhere more so than in the casual dining sector.

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Hey, you! Get off my cloud! Hard lessons around cloud-based table booking systems

The big question arousing the interest of pub and restaurant business managers today is (wait for it) IT vendor behaviour.

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