Find out how technology is transforming the casual dining sector.

In the hospitality industry many IT managers are faced with an inherited hotchpotch of ageing and unconnected systems. This spaghetti soup of IT not only makes it difficult to keep the lights on; many businesses are missing out on some truly delicious data as well.

Making the Link: a review of the emerging IT market for the restaurant industry

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Food for Thought Magazine - Issue three: Operational challenges for hospitality

August 3 2017, by Olivia FitzGerald

Technology is changing consumer habits across many sectors, and the pub and restaurant industry is no different.


In the latest issue of Food for Thought, we take a look at some of our most popular features that address the operationsl challenges facing pub and restaurant managers in the digital world.

Today’s customers don’t just want exceptional food. They expect a seamless experience that gives them greater control and choice. This means booking their tables on the go and impeccable service when they arrive at your pub or restaurant.

Learn how technology can help you run your booking system more efficiently in our collection of tips, articles, and stats.



In this issue:

liveRES - Food for Thought Magazine - Cashing in on new technology

liveRES - Food for Thought Magazine - Winning in a walk in wonderlandliveRES - Food for Thought Magazine - Minimising messy mealtimesliveRES - Food for Thought Magazine - Great service starts before your customers arriveliveRES - Food for Thought Magazine - The price of success



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