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In the hospitality industry many IT managers are faced with an inherited hotchpotch of ageing and unconnected systems. This spaghetti soup of IT not only makes it difficult to keep the lights on; many businesses are missing out on some truly delicious data as well.

Making the Link: a review of the emerging IT market for the restaurant industry

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Clock Watch: the four stages of a successful restaurant IT roll-out

November 10 2016, by Olivia FitzGerald

Some pub and restaurant businesses need to roll out new technology at a rapid pace.

Others have more time and want to implement a carefully managed process over several stages.

Whatever the approach, in this SlideShare presentation we look at the key priorities around Planning, Preparation, Training and Go-live. Take a moment to read Clock Watch because when you take a decision to make The Big Switch, there really is no going back.


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