Discover why integration is key to improved performance.

Disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other will only get you so far in the hospitality industry. Learn how integrated systems allow you to unlock powerful data around customer insights and behaviour, helping you to incentivise repeat customers and grow your business.

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Olivia FitzGerald

Olivia is Managing Director at liveRES, helping customers to drive revenue with automated online bookings and table management. When not booking tables, Olivia is based in London with her partner, an established artist, son and cat. As well as eating out, they spend a lot of time visiting art galleries!
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I see you baby, investing in SaaS

The big question arousing the interest of pub and restaurant business managers today is (wait for it) IT vendor behaviour.

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Food for Thought magazine - Issue four: Technology challenges for hospitality

The hospitality industry is about much more than incredible food and drink. When it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience, technology can be the difference between average and amazing.

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10 key questions about your online booking technology [SlideShare]

In the Big Data age, it’s easy to see technology as a miracle solution for everything. And in one sense that’s true, as we know that putting the right platform in place can deliver measurable improvements.

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New world order: revolutionise your casual dining efficiency [SlideShare]

If you’re looking for a business model that operates around high profit margins, casual dining is not for you. But many pub and restaurant businesses do manage to turn their hospitality into a commercial success. So what’s the secret?

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The Bottom Line: 5 key questions about table reservation systems [Infographic]

New technology presents a host of opportunities for pubs and restaurant businesses to improve their casual dining operation.

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Why great service starts before your customers arrive

"Tailoring is important. The point is to fill empty tables, not reduce revenue from the full ones."

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